Resume Skills- The Things To Know!

resume skills

Crafting the perfect resume requires a lot of skill, patience effort and time. Regardless of what people say, it is important to have a resume which is good enough to impress your prospective employer. Essentially, HR makes it a point to scan your resume for the sake of filtering the different applicants. If you want…

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What Is My Weakness – The Need To Be Honest

what is my weakness

When your HR looks into your eyes and asks what your weaknesses are, the impact of the stare might make you forget a lot of things when you are not prepared.  There are a lot of weakness you may have but obviously, you do not need to list each one of them. If you are…

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Framing The Perfect Letter Of Interest Sample

Too often it may so happen that you may not have a clear idea about whom and how to approach. There are people who send endless applications to different jobs, but then is it the sane thing to do? Looking for some of the best insiders tips for the letter of interest? We would first…

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Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years- The Right Reply

where do you see yourself in five years

Do you have an interview lined up? Are you looking for some extra tips which can come in handy right at the end moment? One of the hardest thing to answer in an interview are the stereotype questions like “where do you see yourself in 5 years”. If you too are looking for such answers, you…

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The Resume Summary Example You Need To See!

resume summary example

When it comes to a resume, you really need to have the kind of resume which can stand out from the rest. There are a lot of us who believe that it is a résumé objective which can play the clincher in your application. Well, read this expert article by Deniz wherein he sheds light…

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Tell Me Something About Yourself – The Big Question

tell me something about yourself

When we talk about interviews and stereotype questions, perhaps one of the most dreaded questions has to be the one pertaining to yourself. Often, one of the hardest things to answer is details pertaining to you. If you are unsure as to how to dodge the question, ‘tell me about yourself interview question’ and give…

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Why Should I Hire You – The Beginners’ Lesson

Why should I hire you

Still stressing about the job interview which is due? Well, to be honest, almost everyone does! It doesn’t really matter whether you are a pro or a fresh grad; the stress prior to an interview is something we all go through. If you want answers to questions like, “why should we not hire you?” my…

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Skills And Abilities On Resume – The Guidelines

skills and abilities on resume

When it comes to having the perfect resume, things could be really difficult especially when you are not well-versed with the nuances. If you too are wondering as to what are the good skills to put on a resume, you need to read this article by Deniz. He shares his deep insights on the art of…

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