Sample Thank You Letter After Interview – Key Pointers

Appearing for an interview can be stressful enough and add to it the need to stick to other formalities like sending a thank you letter after interview and more.  If you are looking for a thank you email after interview sample, you should read this article by Deniz. He has shared his deep insights about the tips you must follow when writing the thank you letter. He is the creator of The Career Mastery and works with PwC Consulting

With the tips already listed for you, how about seeing one of the samples you can immediately put to use? Won’t that be a whole lot beneficial?

The Sample Thank You Letter After Interview

Dear <name>,

It was wonderful meeting you today. I had a great time and I am quite optimistic about my prospects. Regardless of the outcome, I wanted to thank you for taking out the time to interview me. Hopefully, we will be meeting again soon as I aspire to learn a lot about work ethics from you.

During our conversation, I couldn’t help but notice your strong viewpoint on <subject matter>. Truly, it is a strange coincidence that I actually found this amazing article while surfing the web today. <Link>. In my opinion, you would love reading it.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Easy? Definitely!

Writing a thank you letter isn’t really hard. When you are well-versed with some of the basic specifics, it will come really easy. Let me add a few guidelines which will definitely help you.

The Important Guidelines

A Thank You Letter Must Be Formal

Do not listen to all those people asking you to make it light. When you have merely appeared for an interview, you are still not sure about your chances of bagging the job. This means that you have to ensure that you polish your impression just right.

So, stay formal and precise.

Recklessness Could Be Fatal

Never type a thank you letter, when you are not completely in your senses. You are bound to make mistakes and often it has been seen that even the slightest of mistake in your thank you letter could turn out to be disastrous. It can completely ruin your chance of bagging the job.

So, you need to be willing to put in your hundred percent for the sake of getting the dream job.

Thanks for dropping by!

This post is contributed by Stelvio Cappes.