Thank You Letter After Interview Template

thank you letter template

Too many of us face job dilemmas. There are so many different things you need to keep an eye on and it can be hard for an individual to be mindful of all these facts. If you are looking for some detailed insights about interview cracking tips, do take a look at this brilliant article from Deniz. He works with PwC Consulting and shares his deep insights. In this detailed guide, he also goes teaches you how to craft the perfect thank you email

The palpable tension after an interview is quite common among each of us. You may be fretting about what the result will be and your future may be a little unsure based upon whether or not you can set your career swinging. So, here is your thank you letter after interview template which you must customize for impressing your hiring manager.


Surely, the judgment process is still not complete.

So, now that you are here, why not make the most out of it. See the template which you can use for bagging the dream job right away.

Thank You Letter After Interview Template

Dear <name>

First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for taking out the time to interview me. It was a pleasant opportunity to get acquainted with you. I am really impressed about your opinion on <concerned matter>. You gave me a new perspective to look at things.

As I was researching further on <mentioned agenda>, I found this journal which you can reference here <link>. I am sure this will give you valuable insights which can be integrated into your project <details here>.

I hope we can soon meet again and take the discussion forward. I am willing to add value to your team and learn the best tips to excel in my career and evolve with the organization as a whole. Thank you for the opportunity.



You see that there are a lot of placeholders in this template and so, based upon the actual conversation you had, you can fill it up.

Key Pointers

Here are two key things you need to know.

  • The objective of a thank you letter isn’t merely to thank the hiring manager. The first objective is to ensure that you polish the impression you have put. You should let your manager know that you are well-versed with the corporate etiquette.
  • The second objective is to ensure that you add some value to the conversation. The referenced links pertaining to his interest can play the game-changer. It shows that you attentively listened to the facts and you are willing to add value to the team. This often increases the chances of your selection by nearly 60%.

Impressed with the tips already? Do you want more insights on things to note when framing the thank you letter after interview. Of course, you can check out the detailed post from Deniz as you cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to your career and jobs.

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