The Importance Of Thank You Letter After Interview Template

thank you letter after interview template

You have had a good interview and you are really optimistic about finally getting this job. Then, what really stops you? There are too many people who feel that their interview was perfect and yet they never get the coveted offer letter. One of the reasons has to be the missing thank you letter. Before I talk about the template you can use, check out this detailed guide by Deniz. He shares his deep insights in this article and it will clear a lot of doubts when it comes to a thank you email after second interview.

The Importance Of A Thank You Letter

If you are wondering as to why is a thank you letter so important, here are some of the points you need to be familiar with.

  • A thank you letter signifies that you are well-versed with the formalities of the interview.
  • It shows your dedication and commitment to the job.
  • Sending a letter gives you an upper edge compared to those who are negligent enough not to send the thank you letter.
  • This helps in refining the impression that you have put as far as your interview is concerned.
  • It adds to the personal touch and can help in impressing your hiring manager.
  • With the thank you letter, you have an added chance to impress your hiring manager with your skills and readiness for the job.

Aren’t these reasons good enough for you to send the thank you letter once your interview is done? To make matters even simpler for you, we have a ready to use a template for you.

The Thank You Letter Template

All you need to do is customize it so that you can use it as and how you want without having to think of too many details.

Dear <name>,

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking out the time to interview me. I really learned a lot from you in the short span of time. Honestly, I was particularly impressed by your clear thinking process and I sincerely hope that I too could be the part of the organization and learn some valuable skills under your guidance.

Also, I recently found this link <ref link> which pertains to your field of interest. Hopefully, this is something which will interest you and help you in the <ongoing projects you both have discussed>. I would love to meet you again and discuss things further.



Isn’t it simple? Customize this thank you letter after interview template and you will be good to go.

This one letter could make a significant difference and you might just make it through. And if you are wondering when to send thank you email after interview, then you should definitely check out this article by Deniz. He is the creator of The Career Mastery and works with PwC Consulting.

With the right tips to help you out, clearing the interview and getting the job should not be much of a bother for you.

This post is contributed by Stelvio Cappes.