What Is My Weakness- The Right Way To Dodge The Question

what is my weakness

Are you aware of what your weakness is? This is one question which everyone is sure to ask and so you have to be prepared for it. Before sharing some valuable tips with you, we would like you to first of all go through this detailed guide by Deniz. He shares his deep insights for what are your weaknesses best answers.

How Strategic Should You Be?

One of the common questions which people often ask during an interview is to list down the weaknesses. Now, this is definitely a tricky question and you have to be careful when you are answering it.

Until and unless, you are well-versed with the right ways to answer the question, you are likely to make a mistake. First of all, our tip for you is NOT to be strategic.

Do NOT be over-smart because your hiring manager is likely to be more talented and more experienced as compared to you. So, the smarter thing to do is not to play games. Rather than choosing a roundabout approach, you should be direct and try and list a weakness which isn’t sugar-coated strength.

Why A Weakness Shouldn’t Actually Be Strength?

Do not make this mistake – your weakness shouldn’t be your strength! This is a very old ploy and this is definitely not going to work. So, rather than trying to fool people, you should think of the actual things which are your weaknesses.

When you are looking to analyze your weakness, take a diary and note down the key points which can be termed as your weakness. Making the list is one of the most important things as this will help you see at a glance as to what you could term as your weakness.

Once you shortlist your weakness, the next step is to write down the details of how you have managed to overcome the weakness. This is one of the steps which will require a lot of time and effort. So, you have to be sure that can brainstorm and come up with befitting details which will help you out.

How To Dodge The Question?

Hopefully, you now have the right idea as to how you can dodge the question with ease. You will have to mention your weakness and your inability to do so might hamper your chances of getting the job.

When you are preparing for the interview, you should spend ample time preparing for the common questions. For more guidance on answering, “what is your greatest weakness sample answer”, do not forget to reference this expert article by Deniz here.  He is the creator of The Career Mastery and works with PwC Consulting.

So, start your preparation right away and hopefully crack your interview and get the dream job you have always wanted.

Thanks in advance.

This post is contributed by Stelvio Cappes.