Writing The Thank You Email After Interview

thank you letter template

So, you have just finished an interview with a hiring manager and you ecstatically jump for joy thinking you are about to nail that job. Now, when the excitement has settled in, the next thing your mind will jump to has to be the need to send a thank you email after your interview.

So, you do not need to fuss anymore as we will offer simple sample thank you email templates which you can use.

Dear [name],

I want to thank you for your time. I am excited to hear back from you and want to assure you that I am going to put in my best to add value to your team. Definitely, I am eager to know more about your organization, the team values, work details so as to become an integral member and contribute to the growth of the firm.

Recently, I stumbled upon <any resource> and it immediately reminded me of your valuable conversation pertaining to <point of reference>. I think this may help you get more concrete details for <the topic>.

I look forward to meeting you again. Let me know a convenient time to meet.

Thank you.

Now, this is a template which can be readily used under different circumstances. Feel free to customize it the way you want.

The Key Points For Thank You Email After Interview

The key points you need to keep in mind when framing thank you email after the interview are as follows.

  • Don’t mess with the salutation. They are always analyzed.
  • Make sure to double check for spelling errors. Any complacency and negligence in this regard might ax your chance of bagging the job.
  • Always be sure that you have checked the links added. Make sure they work and from quality resources
  • The email font shouldn’t be fancy. Avoid comic sans at all costs.
  • The thank you email should never be too long. No one has the patience to go through too long emails. Keep it short and to the point.
  • Do not miss out on the call to action. Give your interviewer a reason to reply so that you know what to talk about.
  • Don’t be overly informal with your writing. You haven’t yet finalized your spot and so you have to ensure that you put the right impression.


When you have made note of these points, it should help you frame the perfect thank you letter. Do take your time when you are framing these letters and do not take the liberty of being too informal.

Of course, you can vary the template a little and customize it based on your needs.

With these tips, it should be fairly easy for you to secure the spot and bag the job you have wanted for so long. Remember, you do not have to come across as someone too clingy but then again, you need to show the mark of respect for your prospective recruiter.


This post is contributed by Stelvio Cappes.