I’ve led such an incredibly blessed life… I’m so grateful. Not too long ago, well it was a long time ago now thinking about it, I even ended up being homeless for a while, for about 3 months.

Being in my early 20s in 2004, right out of college with no job prospects, I was quite a guy to handle. Had the compilation of all the “attitudes” that one could possess. As a result, it didn’t take me too long to get kicked out of my home (Thanks Dad!).

I remember I used to go to internet cafes every day to make applications at job portals; spend my days at these internet cafes, then go find a park to set up my tent at nights.

Then when I ran out of money, I would still go to internet cafes, use up the internet to make my applications then run away. That’s how determined I was. Just so we are clear, once I was out of the rough patch, I actually went back to those places and paid all my debt and some to make up for what I did. I was just burning with desire to make things happen so I could show my family what a big mistake they made by kicking me out. If only I had some money to use the internet…

I remember, applying to job portals didn’t produce any results even at that time. I should have probably changed my tactic a lot sooner. But I remember I would get these “acknowledgment letters” and would be so excited and hopeful again. That’s I guess what kept me going for weeks and weeks. Eventually, I found what works for me. And as a result, from being unemployed, homeless, and penniless, I immediately became a financial analyst at Standard & Poor’s. Now, that’s how you change a life… What I learned that day, almost 14 years ago, became the seeds of Landing Interviews Guaranteed, 12 years later.

With S&P, I was quickly able to turn my life around. I had a salary, a house, friends, and family again. Of course, there were so many lessons learned from that experience. Looking at my life now, with PwC Consulting, making over 6 figures a year, training young graduates and unemployed professionals on the side with my Landing Interviews Guaranteed program, I am happy to say that I love my life! But here’s the thing… What makes me the happiest is the impact I create with LIG. Receiving all these e-mails from my students who have completely changed their lives with LIG.

I guess what I am trying to say is MY PATH IS YOUR PATH.

I’m just a few years ahead of you (probably around 10). I got started a little earlier than you did and then worked at what wasn’t working. Like Einstein says, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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I wish you all the best with your career.